Concept Art

Select character/concept art for ‘Ill Gotten Games‘             

Upsilon HiRes Zyntradi -Slit EyedGel 7Quanashii Hell Guardian HoboRoboOlimyoo hires Lizard Punk RaynOlive Hi Res LumpyHolger HiRes power pads HiRes Neanderthal Toned Hi Res Chommers RageBroodlingwasteland warrior hires darker

Various props/item/weapon concepts for ‘Ill Gotten Games

Med n Heavy weaponsItems 1  Sci-Fi Bits 1

various concept art and character design

wightsmall  IronGolem    gnoll

thdark lowresRes lowres  Claudia HiRes brainusVirginia CreeperSmallBoscoeRileyfinklingAZ melvinGrouppigeon ghoul

Character design for ‘Swing : Road Trip’ – 2014

Darby Sketch Colored Ernie Sketch Colored Jack Skech Colored Syl Skech Colored



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